Those who have little children know for a fact that they love it when someone tells them a story. However, sometimes your imagination and fantasy are not enough, and those stories which you know by heart eventually become boring for the kids. I would hereby like to give you some tips as to how you can combine business with pleasure. The profitable part for you as an adult would obviously be that you would be practising your English, and at the same time, your children will have a blast listening to your new and exciting stories.

Download the Cbeebies app on your phone

This is an app that you can easily download from Playstore on to your phone. It is a collection of stories based on six classic Cbeebies: Something special, Charlie and Lola, The Octonauts, Old Jack’s boat, show me Show me, and Grandpa in My Pocket. Browse through your app along with your children, and let them choose their favorite characters, and … surprise! As you may have guessed from the titles these result in fairy tales in English.

Practise your reading while translating

Here’s the catch! As I’ve just mentioned, the stories are in English, however, it is likely that your kids would want to listen to them in Italian. This means that you will have to do your utmost to come up with a credible and equally exciting English version. Who knows? Maybe you can train for this on your own while on the bus or train, so that in the evening you will be able to tell your child the story so well that you will even manage to entertain him or her in a language that is not Italian. 

Help your kids to read in English

If your aim is to engage your kids while reading in English, then this app is right for them. Kids love to play with their parents’ tablets and smartphones, so why allow them to do so in a way that is educational? They can practise their pronunciation, learn new fairy tales, and if they have any doubts you will be there with them to help. Moreover, all the contents of this app are produced by the BBC, which means that they are definitely reliable and have been created for educational purposes. You can discover the world of CBeebies here on the official site of BBC.

Download the app and have fun with your kids

What are you waiting for to download this app? If you have a smartphone or an Android operating system click here. If, on the other hand you have an iPhone or an Apple tablet then you should click here. Kids learn much faster than adults, and even the youngest of them love listening to sounds and your soothing voice as you read their favourite fairytale from your smartphone!

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