It is a well-known fact that when they are of a very young age, children are like sponges: they can assimilate and absorb an indefinite amount of information, sometimes processing it alone and sometimes witht he help of an adult. The mind of the children must be stimulated and spurred to grow and connect everything that were able to find out or learn about up to that point. Surely English will be a key part of their future; especially nowadays that society has become global; that facilities like the internet, TV, newspapers and radio are in English; also the fact that borders no longer exist; and also that the official language worldwide is precisely the English language.

So why not start to tease their curiosity from a very young age by offering them books and texts which are not Italian but in English. It could really be a positive initiative.

Children’s books to stimulate their curiosity and encourage them to learn this new language

Richard Scarry: most mums will probably remember this series which is really good for kids. It is ideal for parents and children to spend time together on the couch in front of the fireplace in the long afternoons. It truly gives you the feeling of a book with a vintage flavour. Get hold of Richard Scarry and read it to your child. 

Peter Pan, is a character who certainly needs no introduction. He is in everyone’s hearts! Peter travels to Neverland which enables him to not grow up. Get hold of the Peter Pan book to continue dreaming like a child.

Peppa Pig, the famous piglet on TV who is managing to captivate millions of kids with her simple yet effective stories. Reading one of these in English is something which your kid will certainly appreciate now and in the long run too. So buy a copy of the Peppa Pig book and enjoy it with your son or daughter. 

Cinderella, the romantic story of Cinderella is perfect as bed time reading because it helps them to have nice dreams while giving them some English expressions to digest before closing their eyes. It certainly is a good idea! Purchase Cinderella of Walt Disney and you too can go back in time to your childhood days.

My first 500 words in English, is a book which was specifically designed for the teaching of basic vocabulary in a way which will eventually help your kid to learn English. Teach English to your kid in a fun and colourful way by buying this book.

See inside your body, is ideal for Italian and English kids and it is a good introduction to body parts in general, starting with your eyes, hands, ears…and at the same time kids will also be learning the terminology in a new language. It is ideal  to create amusing and stimulating games. Get a copy of this book for your child.

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