Do you want to have a list of texts adapted for the teaching of English at High School level? Below is a list of some really interesting titles.

Get to the point 1 (First Year of High School)

These are great exercises, to increase the level of knowledge of the language. The book comes with a very useful audio CD and the text is accompanied by a wide range of online media, which have been specifically designed to develop and improve your conversational English. Get hold of Get to the point 1 which is helpful for both years of high school.

Get to the point 2 (Second Year of High School)

The second volume of this series offers students a “Revision” section to ensure that the level of English gained so far is upheld; and it also teaches the language through a series of sort stories which are aimed at reviewing vocabulary and grammar, and which are suitable for children of that age. Buy Get to the point 2 which comes complete with a CD and other multimedia resources to ensure that the teaching is more subtle and fun.

Other interesting and useful titles

If the Get to the point series had not convinced you, here are some other titles which are ideal for high schools that have a high lexical and educational standard, which will be useful for kids throughout the year especially when they are doing homework, or as preparation for entry into high school.

1. Headway Digital: various levels of English, this book offers various exercises and it is also different exercises which are accompanied by a CD.

2. Teenworld 1, for the two years of high school with a lot of audio CDs to listen and understand

3. Hit the Target – Black Cat a unique book for kids, which is an ideal text for the holidays and to enter the world of high school with a good base of English.

4. Grammar Hits 1 (elementary-pre – intermediate) and Grammar Hits 2 (pre – intermediate-intermediate) –  These are two books which contain a lot of structured exercises which will help with learning English.

5. Summer Booster 1Summer Booster 2 Once again this is ideal for the two years of high school, and it helps to consolidate vocabulary and grammar.

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