If you’re struggling with English lessons at school and you cannot remember all those words, which are so different from your mother tongue,you may want to consider the idea of buying some English books, such as reading material specific to kids your age. On the web you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to style, genre, and the characters, even those famous ones that you saw at the cinema or on TV. 

You’ll see that with some good will you’ll have a whole range of novels in English, and both your teacher and your classmates will be surprised by your improvement. Are you ready to improve and expand your English vocabulary? Well, you’ll see how many titles are available for you, without spending too much money!

Books for kids in English: for your foreign language learning 

Alice in Wonderland, let’s start with a classic: Several screenplays have been written for films but also cartoons – everyone knows the story of Alice, along with the Mad Hatter, played by Johnny Depp in the last film. But why not buy Alice in Wonderland in English? NThere is nothing better than starting with a story that you already know to help you understand the plot.

Harry Potter, no introductions are necessary for this character: it would be ideal to get the complete collection, to read the story in its original form just like the author, Joanne Kathleen Rowling expressed herself in her description of Harry, Hermione e and all the other characters.

Twilight, This is a abulous series written by Stephenie Meyer, where vampires and werewolves fight for the “Bella” of the situation; of course, the story does not stop there, but it could be really amazing to be able to access the original words used to describe the first meetings of Bella and Edward. Get hold of Twilight and your grades will surely improve!

Minecraft, if you’re a fan of video games and have just started this fabulous game, I propose a series of manuals which are really valuable, so much so that they will guide you through all the steps necessary as a PLAYER such as, descriptions of the characters, the whole magical world, and more . They are 4 volumes, strictly in English which require you to learn this language properly if you are to succeed in this particular game. As they say, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Bassus, a good 476 pages written by Annette Eisenmann, which result in a novel which will leave you breathless – a real page turner which will keep you hooked on to find out how the main charecter’s adventures will be concluded. Get ready for many sleepless nights while avidly reading Bassus, in English.

Under the dome, in conclusion I would recommend this novel to the more daring, to lovers of the famous writer Stephen King, highly esteemed author of short stories mostly horror, sometimes fantasy. Under the dome contains in itself so many different moods: fear, anxiety, love, secrets, hypocrisy … I will not dwell over it. Read this wonderful novel in the original language, which is also a TV series that has not yet been finished.

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