Do you wish to improve your English by reading teenage stories which include easy words and which totally relate to your youthful world?

Below, we are going to show you some interesting texts which will help you to learn English in a fun and easy way, an which will enable you to come across new characters!

That’s It 1, That’s It 2, That’s It 3

An excellent text for secondary school students… choose your level! Get hold of That’s It 1 or those that come after it (That’s It 2 and That’s It 3) to study and learn English

Brilliant Results

You find grammar, pronunciation, interactive exercises and much more in this book, which is suitable for kids who want to learn the language with in comprehensive way using dialogues that are engaging and interesting. Get hold of Brillant Results so that you indeed get brilliant results!

Brilliant Results 1

Brilliant Results 2

Brilliant Results 3

My Fun Summer with John Peter Sloan

This is an excellent book that will accompany you throughout the sunny summer holidays! It is full of stories, funny videos, which can be found on the multi-ROM, cartoons and many virtual friends with whom to share your knowledge on the English language. Get hold of My Fun Summer with John Peter Sloan so that you get to indeed spend a Fun summer!

– My Fun Summer with John Peter Sloan 1

– My Fun Summer with John Peter Sloan 2

Get Smart

LThis is a digital book that is full of links and which was written by the famous Rob Nolasco, author of many excellent books for secondary school children. Giving importance to grammar is an excellent and efficient way to teach English to young students. Get Smart is waiting for you enjoy the many stories of other teenagers!

Get Smart 1

Get Smart 2

Get Smart 3

Get Smart Summer

This version is ideal for the summer holidays, and perfect as preparation for the secondary school year to come. It helps students to revise the material of the previous year and to implement the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and all the other areas. Make sure you have Get Smart Summer to accompany you during your summer holidays!

Get Smart Summer 1

Get Smart Summer 2

And if these are not enough…

Here are some other interesting titles:

1. New English. Just Like That 1, New English. Just Like That 2, New English. Just Like That 3

2. Around the summer in 80 days 1, Around the summer in 80 days 2

3. Look! The Vernon Culture Book

… out of this list of interesting books you are sure to find something which you like and which can help you improve your reading skills throughout the holidays. It is a great opportunity to share someone else’s adventures and incredible stories!

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