Geronimo Stilton is the main character in the book series aimed at kids and youths. These texts have been translated into many languages, but if you want to learn the English language, there is nothing better than reading a good book from this wonderful series, which has been written using simple language which is ideal for those who might still be struggling at the first stages of their English Language Learning experience.

Most interesting titles by Geronimo Stilton

Out of all the books from this series, and there are a lot of them, I am going to point out the ones which, according to me, are most suitable and fun for a kid:

1. Surf’s Up, Geronimo! to follow the interesting stories of Geronimo on his Topazia or his beach holidays 

2. The Mona Mousa Code which has loads of ironic references to Leonardo’s Mona Lisa

3. Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye to find a treasure on a desert island

4. The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid sif you like pyramids, what do you think about one that’s made of cheese?

5. Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House accompany Geronimo in a haunted house – Scary!

6. I’m too Fond of My Fur with Geronimo who always has something funny to present on his adventures

7. Four Mice Deep in the Jungle to join him in the jungle and meet lots of wild animals!

Apart from these titles, here are a few more which are also interesting and make part of this never-ending series: Paws Off Cheddarface, Red Pizzas for a Blue CountAttack of the Bandit CatsA Fabumouse Vacation for GeronimoHang On to your WhiskersThe Phantom of the SubwayThe Temple of the Ruby of Fire.

They are all ideal to help you improve your English!

And here are some more titles, still from the Geronimo Stilton series, however, these are slightly particular. With this series you can immediately start speaking in English!

Speak English Immediately….super easy

Speak English Immediately . .. on the bike, to help you improve your vocabulary while going round on your bicycle with your lovely friend.

– Speak English Immediately . . . . at the bakery, needless to say, this greedy mouse can’t wait to teach you this new language among all the lovely cakes and sweets!

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