This summer ATE Superweeks provides a unique opportunity: a cultural and linguistic summer camp which is called CommunicATE. This is ideal for those who prefer to learn English in a way which is similar to that of acquiring a mother tongue.

Kids acquire their mother tongue by means of total immersion, in that they hear it being spoken wherever they go and while playing with their friends. For example, when someone asks a child, “Do you want an apple”, the child learns that the fruit being held by the other person is an apple. The same thing happens when children hear the language being spoken in a context, they automatically learn it. The same goes for words and phrases like “excuse me”, “please” or even “I’m sorry” – in context, it is easy to decipher what these mean. In the case of learning a second language, most only do so within the context of a classroom, however, you can learn this second language in a way that is similar to how you’ve learnt your native language, that is by playing, chatting with new friends and singing. In this regard, this summer a group of well-qualified English teachers who also have many years of experience in organizing summer camps for children, as well ax experience in teaching English through games, songs, contests, treasure hunts, expeditions, and many outdoor activities, will be waiting to share their knowledge with a new group of students. All these activities will allow children to learn English as if they were learning their mother tongue. This method goes well with traditional classes such as those given at MoxonEnglish, because it reinforces and revises what the children would have learnt whilst continuing to build a strong foundation for future lessons.

Furthermore, there will be daily English sessions to suit the needs of your kids and which will be built based on their abilities in order to help them improve as much as possible. Moreover, kids will spend the week with other British children giving them a total English immersion experience whilst striking friendships with native speakers.

CommunicATE, which is intended for kids aged 10-15 will take place in Ledbury, an hour away from Birmingham, England, from the 28 July until the 4 August. There will also be the opportunity to prolong the holiday until the 6 August (trip to London) or the 12 August (allowing kids to participate in another Superweek called ‘UltimATE Fun and Games’). All the information about this course can be obtained here:, and if you have any further questions or queries you are encouraged to send an email to

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