Of course we all know children can learn and memorise an infinite amount of concepts, languages, and so on. They can absorb much more than teenagers and adults can. So the ideal time for children to start learning English is right away, starting from infancy. That way your kids will never forget it.

Below I’ve listed a series of great websites you can take advantage of to help get your child used to speaking English, through games and fun activities you can do together!

1. Learning ideas and activities from the British Council

Complete with audio and short songs, on this site you can listen to all the sounds of English and help your kids get accustomed to the new language. The website also contains a list of reasons why it’s best to start early, when they’re little.

The British Council also offers another interesting website where you’ll find fun learning games, quizzes, and songs that make learning fun. Check out LearnEnglishKids and find out everything there is to know about learning English for children and teens.

2. Bilingual with games

This wonderful website’s creators live by one motto: “One is not born bilingual, but rather, is raised bilingual.” It’s great for parents who have made the choice to raise their children while teaching them two languages at the same time, or if you’re still weighing the pros and cons and just want some more information. Have a look at Bilingual with Games and start discovering lots of interesting news in the field.

3. Use Starfall’s online books for children

This brilliant, colourful site is very organised and entertaining; it’s full of games, audio, and animations your children will love! It also features an online reading section that helps little ones learn through reading and games. Go to Starfall together with your child.

4. Learn with CBeebies (BBC for children)

This is a BBC child site, which was created as a TV channel for kids. Colourful and full of ideas, suggestions, games, fun songs to sing along with, and loads of loveable characters, this site will help learning English seem like. . .well, like a child’s game! Check out CBeebies.

5. Busy Beavers on youtube

Loads of mini-lessons meant for infants and toddlers, so they can listen to pronunciation and songs, as well as connect with different characters. Great for quick, fun lessons. Go watch some of these youtube videos for yourself.

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